5 Tips for Choosing the Right Landscape Contractor

With a beautiful garden or lawn, you can transform your ordinary house into a great-looking one. As a matter of fact, quality landscaping may raise the value of your house significantly. You can enjoy endless benefits with a beautiful landscape, but how can you make sure you will get a beautiful landscape? For this, you have to choose the right landscape contractor. Given below are 5 tips to opt for the best contractor.

1. Do Your Homework

First of all, you should find out more about your local contractors and compare their services. You may want to steer clear of professionals offering unusually low prices. Ideally, you should look for a company with experience in all sorts of services relevant to landscaping. Also, make sure that the contractor offers strong references. Apart from this, you may want to check out websites, review websites and social media sites as well.

2. Know What You Want

You may want to get a clear idea of what you have been searching for. Let your potential contractors know what you want. All you have to do is put your needs and wants on a piece of paper. Your next step is to compare the services offered by different companies.

3. Keep a lot of options

You can choose from a lot of contractors. However, they will be different based on many factors, such as specialties, service areas, price and size. Also, you should know that landscape companies are also known as landscape design firms, Lawn care companies and landscape maintenance firms. Make sure you search for all of these terms when looking for a company online.

No matter what the companies call themselves, you should consider only skilled professionals. Given below are a few things that can help you determine if the company is worth giving a go to.

Samples of past work
Satisfaction guarantees
Memberships of organizations like Local Landscape Association

4. Ask Around

You may be wondering why some websites, such as Angie’s list got so popular. The reason is that the previous clients of a company are very important for success. Therefore, we suggest that you talk to your family, friends and neighbors for recommendations. Apart from this, if you find a negative review, you may want to dig deeper in order to find out what caused the negative experience.

5. Personality Traits

The landscaping contractor may possess all of the required skills, but if they don’t know how to talk to clients, you will have a terrible experience. Given below are some important personality traits that you should consider when hiring a contractor.

Willingness to work with clients
Understanding of clients’ needs

If you want your project to succeed, we suggest that you look for the best landscaping contractor. As a matter of fact, once you have found the best contractor, you will have a great experience. Therefore, make sure you look for a professional with the required expertise and skills.

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10 Tips to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Lawn Care Company

A healthy and beautiful lawn is the desire of almost everyone homeowner. However, it takes a lot of effort to take care of a lawn. Most of homeowners don’t have the time and experience to take due care of their lawns. Therefore, it’s a good idea to hire a quality lawn care service. If you have no idea how to choose to a good lawn care service, we suggest that you follow the 10 tips given below.

1. Reputation

With a bit of research, you will find that there are a lot of providers out there. Some of them may be better than others. You can carry out the comparison by searching online. You may want to follow your gut. If a company has tons of bad reviews, it’s a sign that the company is not worth hiring. It’s also a good idea to ask neighbors about a good lawn care service.

2. License

The lawn care service should be licensed by the local authorities. It’s important to note that an unlicensed provider may be inexpensive, but they may not be able to offer professional services.

3. Insurance

Another important thing is that the provider should be insured. Insurance will give you peace of mind that you won’t be held responsible if a company employee or workers gets injured while working.

4. Organization

Is the service provider member of a national or provincial trade organization? Actually, a service provider that is associated with an organization provides dedicated services.

5. Customer Service

Now, you need to keep in mind that customer service is of great importance. You may want to hire a service provider that is to communicate with. They should be able to answer you queries in a timely fashion.

6. Equipment

You may want to find out if the company you are going to hire takes good care of its equipment. If their equipment is in bad condition or out of order, we suggest that you look for some other provider.

7. Contracts

You should do your research and find out the type of contracts you will have to sign with the company. Is it an annual contract? Make sure the contract is written not verbal. Does the provider offer money back guarantee in case of unsatisfactory service?

8. Pricing

It’s a good idea to ask for a quote. It’s not a good idea to trust a provider that gives a quote without taking a look at your lawn. Aside from this, you may also want to find out about the payment plans that they offer. Will they charge you for service calls?

9. Services

Before you look for a good provider, you may want to decide on what you actually want. You should keep in mind that every provider offers different services and techniques.

10. Reliability

At times, hiring a lawn care service based on online reviews is not a good idea. If you have no idea about the reliability of a company, you may want to ask for references.

Stone Veneer Wins Over Brick Veneer on Many Counts

If you prefer the artificial, it is wonderful with brick and stone veneers. Since they are both lights, they may be installed in locations that cannot tolerate the hefty weight of thicker stone or brick. Besides, veneers come in slices that are ready to install. Time and expense of installation are drastically reduced.

Don’t we love stone veneers due to the graceful, earthy looks? The home gets a certain quality of curb appeal that becomes an advantage while selling the premises. Enjoy it though as long as you reside!

Stone veneers bring ‘desirability’ to a home and they certainly ‘sell faster’ in comparison to what the other homes fetch. Those were a few words that Geoffrey Lavell spoke to Zillow. Lavell is an agent with the Nevada Lavell Group in Henderson.

These are natural, versatile, and durable.


Stone and brick veneers have differing origins. Real stone is the origin of stone veneers while brick veneers undergo a manufacturing and molding process. Sandstone and quartzite, slate, and limestone go through the slicing process.


London Stone Veneers decorate accent walls. Safari Gold Stone Veneers create outstanding ambiances.

Stone veneers fit in anywhere, in the interiors and exteriors of the home. Colors and designs work magic to the environment. Tone down bold colors or add colors to the neutral surrounding.

Castle Earth Stone panels bring together creams, browns, and rusts. Imagine the impact upon outdoor entertainment areas. Laguna Grey Stone Veneers are marked with charcoal, rust, and beige, matching with light or dark cabinets.
Pillars could be esthetically wrapped in veneers too like Safari Gold. A fireplace would look so special when surrounded by veneer panels.

Being so fabulously strong, natural stone will not easily scratch or chip. Colors are natural too and real stone will certainly not start fading after a while.

What about brick veneers? They are usually made from clay or a clay-cement mix. They could chip rather easily and the colors have limited textures and colors. Installations take plenty of time and they are not waterproof, being porous.


If you install the brick panel, you need a vapor barrier at the back to keep the frame dry. A drainage plane or weep hole is also required so that the collected water can escape.

For the brick veneer lovers of the textures and the looks, they will have it, no matter what. Stone panels bring all the advantages though. Bring values of beauty and durability to the home with awesome rocky veneers.

Outdoor Kitchen Summer Plans

An outdoor kitchen is often referred to as a summer kitchen because they are built outside of the home. Having one is a great place to entertain, especially since you do not have to spend time running from the main kitchen in the house to the entertainment area outside. The layout of your summer outdoor kitchen needs to be done correctly so you can stay with your guests while cooking. One thing that works well is to have a U-shaped or L-shaped countertop. Either works well in an outdoor kitchen. The area should also be divided into two parts with one used for prep and cooking and the other part for entertaining and enjoying the meal. In your plans make sure the smoke from the grill does not blow in the direction of your guests in the dining area. To mix drinks, prepare food, and cook easier the refrigerator, grill, and sink should be placed close together.

The sink for washing, countertop, and gas grill should be made from natural material like travertine, slate, or stone cladding. The grill can be an electric grill or one that uses charcoal. To have more storage spaces install cupboards or drawers under the countertop. You can use this area to store essential kitchen supplies like extra cups and paper plates, dish soap, spices, silverware, and more. If you are not building your outdoor kitchen on an existing patio make sure that the flooring you use is made of tiles, natural stone, or concrete.

In your dining and entertaining area you should have a sturdy kitchen table and comfortable chairs to sit in. The furniture can be made of unpolished and unfinished wooden benches and tables to give the area a rustic look. You can also choose wrought iron tables and chairs with a big umbrella to protect the guests if you do not have a roof over your outdoor kitchen. On the corners of the entertaining area you could put a couple of potted plants. The outdoor kitchen can be built by the house or it can be further into the yard. Just remember that if you need to use electricity that you have a professional connect the electricity from the home to the outdoor kitchen so it is done correctly and up to code.

Most entertain at night also so you want to make sure that you have some type of lighting such as Tiki torches in the different corners of the area. You could also install poles at the end of each corner of the outdoor kitchen and affix lights that can be turned on when it starts to get dark. You should also put up some bug lights to keep the bugs away.

Gazebos: For a Perfect Sitting Area in Your Garden

A gazebo can be an ideal option for those who want to love nature at its full and for those as well who want to see and enjoy the beautiful aspiring view. Most of the people like to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful sceneries of nature. Gazebos make your outdoors very comfortable for you. It increases the value of your property without any doubt. If you are desirous of beautifying your landscape and cover the extra space into a usable area, you should install gazebos in your garden or backyard.

With the increase of progress in the modern technology, the life of a typical person is getting more and more busy in his daily arrangement of works and tasks. Majority of them are always in search to seek enough time to relax and calm. According to the latest scientific research, it is clear that our brains are suffering from high stress. What better place you can have to release your tension and stress other than your backyard? It is located conveniently at your location and has the best possible surrounding at your premises. Here, the gazebos can help you massively.

Gazebos add beauty and luxury to your gardens. It will give a unique look to your gardens. It not only covers the extra space of your premises but also provide room for you. You can install gazebos, flowers, ponds, fountains, benches and hedges altogether in your backyard. If you require somewhat privacy in your gazebos, you can fix it with gazebo side panels in your yard. The open sides of the gazebos will hinder your privacy. You can surely take various steps to make it convenient for your leisure time. The intensifying structure of the gazebo will give your lawn a geometric feel. You can use them for meditations, relaxation, gatherings and other fun activities.

Gazebos add value and grace to your lawns:

Different homeowners primarily concentrate on large and spacious rooms, useful garages and the necessary facilities in a house like electricity, plumbing etc. Nevertheless, nowadays they are focusing on creating a fancy look to their residential property that will also add immense value to their land. It is not only beneficial for their outlook of beautiful premises but also it will prove advantageous in future if they want to take a selling transaction.

Selecting the wrong type of gazebo can pull down the value of your property. There are many kinds of gazebos. Some of them are written below:

1. Pergola

2. Pagoda

3. Rotundas

4. Belvederes

5. Pavilion

6. The folly Gazebo

If you install belvederes in your small lawn, it will not prove a good idea because it will block the scenery you wanted to gaze at to forget and release the stress. Similarly, a pavilion built in a snowy or freezing area, cannot benefit you at all without gazebo side panels. Until it is sheltered by trees or a wall etc. the wrong choice of gazebo will defeat the purpose of it.

Accessible in various varieties:

Gazebos can be constructed and purchased as kits and pop-ups. They are also available in personalised forms. The constructors can build the gazebo fulfilling your requirements. You just have to ask them the kind of gazebo you want to have for your gardens. Same designed gazebo and canopies will be at your doorstep in the fixed time. They are the little bit expensive. However, you have various other cheaper options as well. There are many manufacturers in the market, who can take custom orders from you for the ornamentation, size, colour and seating arrangements of gazebos for your backyards and lawns.

They let you spend time out of your house:

Several people in our society profess a business or do a job. They do not have much time to spend at home. Whereas there are, many people found in the community too, who spend their most of the time indoors or they do not belong to a background of those persons who have jobs. Staying indoors is a tough task. It is why they need a change. For that change they get their selves indulge in other activities. Enjoying nature is one of the best exercises for them. They can do it spending their most of the time over there. In such situation, gazebos play its best role being picturesque and children friendly too.

An idyllic symbol for socialising:

The gazebos play its significant role as being an attractive and functional symbol of structures for outdoor events and function. It is an excellent option for gatherings and late night parties. Those gazebos with seating arrangements are much more functional. In case you have planned to utilise them, preplan a seating plan and solid side panels as a precautionary measure for weather protection and safety.